About Us

Optima-Hoofware Limited was formed in 2015 to provide marketing and technical input in a business collaboration with Cauvery Steels Pvt Ltd of India – manufacturers of the OPTIMA range of horseshoe nails.

The two parties have a thorough grounding in the technical characteristics of horseshoe nail manufacture. Both, driven by the pursuit of excellence.

Horseshoe nails have been manufactured by the Cauvery team, three generations of the Nayyar family, for over 50 years. Their 3,000 m2 plant is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology and supported by an in-house design team. In the nine years prior to establishing the current business they participated with Mustad in a Joint Venture for the manufacture of horseshoe nails. In 1995 they produced the first prototype Liberty nails.

We, OPTIMA’s UK team, two generations of the Richards family, have served the UK farrier community for over 25 years.

Our expertise in non-slip road nail technology is unsurpassed. In addition to our own brands, SEFCO and OPTIMA, we supplied road nails for many years to all the current Mustad and Liberty importers. Alongside our road nail activity, we introduced to the UK the Corona (Derby) brand of horseshoe nails breaking what was then a price cartel operated by the Mustad importers. CORONA nails were followed by the OMEGA brand – an earlier collaboration with the Cauvery team prior to their association with Mustad.

We operate on the philosophy of mutual benefit. We were the first to offer “Mix and Max” discounting, the first to substantially discount Mustad nails, the first to run a prize draw at Farriers’ Focus for the benefit of the Farriers’ Foundation. Where we lead, others follow.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to have served the UK farrier community for more than a quarter of a century and we offer our continuing commitment to provide quality products backed by outstanding service.